Web publishing

A website can be the best way to reach your audience. IU's web content management system (WCMS) allows students, faculty, and staff to develop and monitor their own web presences at no cost.


IU's Web Content Management System (WCMS) is an optional service for creating and managing websites. It is available at no charge, with different options for students, faculty, and staff.

Two main types of websites exist at IU:

  • Pages: Individual pages for students, faculty, or staff members
  • IU Sitehosting: Departmental or organizational group pages for university affiliates, student groups, or professional organizations

Some departments, organizations, or individuals may choose to run their own web servers. To request that web pages on non-UITS servers be linked to from the main IU pages, use the IU comment form.

Pages (individual web pages)

Individual web pages at IU (Pages) are intended for individual members of the university community. Pages is ideal for sharing professional, research, instructional, or academic content.

Learn more about using Pages at IU:

IU Sitehosting (university web pages)

University web pages at IU are available to university-affiliated groups, departments, and organizations, as well as some student groups and professional organizations. Content must be related to the group's role within the university.

Learn more about using IU Sitehosting accounts at IU:

Who manages the WCMS?

Enterprise Web Tech Services is responsible for maintaining the WCMS service.

If you cannot access the authoring server (i.e., the WCMS service is down), report problems as follows: