Software & hardware

Technology is expensive. IU's exclusive agreements with vendors such as Apple, AT&T, Microsoft, Adobe, and Dell make sure you can get the resources you need without breaking the bank.

Looking for software?

  • Visit IUanyWare to stream titles on demand
  • Check IUware to download programs to your device

Looking for hardware?

The IU ComputerGuide not only offers vendor deals, but also provides recommendations on specs, software packages, and more.

About IUware

Get no-cost downloads of hundreds of titles like Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite on IUware. Software is available for security, multimedia, accessibility, and other categories. 

Looking for a program that isn't on IUware? Check your campus bookstore.

About IUanyWare

Stream IU-licensed software to nearly any device with IUanyWare. This on-demand access is ideal for anyone who needs to use software that is incompatible with their operating system or only available in campus computer labs. 

Technology discounts

IU offers discounts on hardware items through partnerships with AT&T, Apple, Dell, and Sony, among others. Find a full list of options on IU's ComputerGuide.