Technology for researchers

Do you need to analyze or visualize data? What about access supercomputing resources or cyberinfrastructure? It doesn't matter if you work in the arts, sciences, or somewhere in between, UITS Research Technologies (RT) offers a suite of services designed to enable new possibilities for the humanist and scientist alike.

RT services

It's easy to think that research technologies are designed for scientists, mathematicians, and technologists, but RT's suite of services is not so limited in scope. It includes expert consulting, compute & storage resources, research software, visualization & data services, and education and outreach.

The following is just a sampling of IU's advanced scholarly and artistic cyberinfrastructure: 

  • High-quality data storage services for fast access or large data sets (e.g., Slate, Scholarly Data Archive)
  • Supercomputers for fast calculations, advanced simulations, and big data analysis (e.g., Big Red 3, Karst)
  • Tools for analytics and big-data research
  • Visualization facilities and services to help understand advanced simulations and big data

Help with Research Technologies

Visit the main Research Services page to find a full list of RT services at IU with descriptions, and check the IU Knowledge Base for additional information and tips, including troubleshooting.

Contact RT to make a request, send a comment, or ask a question.