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Pressbooks in the classroom

In Michael Morrone’s class, Black Markets: Supply & Demand, students wrote about the black markets of their choosing in a new way. See the book here, and hear Michael and his students share their experience in the video below.

"I’ve seen a few of their résumés since the end of the semester and they’ve put this on there. So you know this is something that they’re not only proud of but it’s also something that allows them to demonstrate their expertise. And I think that Pressbooks and making this public increased the level of pride."

Michael Morrone

Exploring affordable content at IU

Pressbooks, IU eTexts, and open educational resources -- oh my! Not sure which option is right for you? Click on the book cover below to discover the content that works best for your classroom. 

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Features and benefits

Enhance texts with video, embedded slides, collaborative annotations, and more Enable interactivity not possible with a print textbook
Deliver low or no-cost content, including open educational resources (OER)Allow texts to be downloaded for reading from a computer, mobile device, eReader (e.g. Kindle), or in print
Host texts in Canvas, on the web, or anywhere you make the exported files available

Work with collaborators such as editors, co-authors, and publishers to build content

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