Kumo - Cloud Storage Connector


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Kumo enables students, faculty, and staff to easily access their files wherever they are, from any managed computer on campus, including lab workstations and virtual environments such as Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop. Users access files via mounted drives in Windows Explorer, Mac OS X Finder, and Open/Save dialogs in applications. These drives are silently setup by the Kumo client and are ready to go within seconds of logging in. Files are accessed on demand by the client rather than synced, which minimizes local storage requirements, and all file I/O occurs strictly between the cloud service and the user's machine.

Kumo Component Interactions


Broadcast is an LMS plugin that enables instructors to send a copy of course files to the enterprise storage account of every student in their class with just a few clicks. Instructors can do this before classes start so that on the first day they can get right down to teaching. No hassle, no frustration. Broadcast currently supports distribution via the Canvas LMS to Box and local storage with more LMS and storage platforms in the works.