IT Communications

Visual style guide

Less is more. That's the essence of our visual style—both in terms of design and messaging.

For colors, fonts, and other visual branding requirements, please see the IU Style Guide.

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We believe our communications will be most effective if they are:

  • Minimal—clean and simple, without embellishment
  • Accessible—placing important information front and center
  • Uncluttered—with a focus on relevance and audience needs

The upshot: We engage viewers by simplifying our designs instead of complicating them.

The UITS tab

We’re standardizing the use of the UITS tab. We’ve provided sizing and proportions — but keep in mind that there’s a minimum size required for legibility.

Examples of placement and exclusion zones

Proportion and exclusion zone
The tab scales up, but be sure to retain the original 2:1 proportions – and always include an exclusion zone. Other graphics, images, and text should not reduce the impact of the logo