IT Communications

ITCO is the communications arm for the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology (OVPIT). It supports UITS, the Pervasive Technology Institute, and the full suite of service and research units operating under OVPIT's leadership umbrella.

Communications officer: Daphne Siefert

What can ITCO do for you?

In IT, communication isn't the lifeblood of a project. But it's often the key to audience awareness, understanding, and support.

Let ITCO help.

We are the custodian of IU's IT brand. We know how to speak IT@IU to the university community and beyond—and have an impact. But most importantly, we offer a diverse suite of services to help you complete projects on time and on budget.

Speaking the same language

Planning to communicate about an IT service? Review our branding guidelines before you get started.

Whether you're sending a flyer to students or creating a website for external researchers, it's important that we all speak IT@IU.


Our staff of experts provides support in areas such as:

  • Event planning and management
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Service rollouts
  • News and media relations
  • Internal communications
  • Graphic design (print and digital)
  • Website design and coding 
  • Salesforce e-mail sends
  • Photography
  • Video and multimedia production
  • IT brand compliance
  • Social media
  • SWAG

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