Getting Started Guide

For Faculty

A quick start to IU's technology resources for teaching and research faculty. See below to download the faculty technology guide specific to your campus.

Download the Faculty Technology Guide

General tips

Discover digital resources and services:

  • Check out IU’s technology resources to support teaching and research. Learn more in the UITS Faculty Technology Guide.
  • Keep Teaching has all the resources you need to transition to online classes for the rest of the semester.
  • Find university-wide resources and communities of educators at Teaching.IU.
  • Access free eduroam secure WiFi from your car via IU’s 24-hour 'parking lot hot spots' that allow for social distancing while keeping faculty, staff, students—and the public—connected. Learn more about eduroam—the secure wireless network for all of IU.
  • Keep your online data safe. Visit Use the Duo Mobile app for more details. Also, learn how to counter phishing scams.
  • Administrative tasks are easier when you know where to start. Visit One.IU for access to university services.
  • Don't pay for software. Stream or download it from IU at no cost via IUanyWare and IUware.
  • Sign up for Box at IU for secure, unlimited storage and collaboration in the cloud. Box is provided at no cost.
  • Explore the future of teaching and learning with IU's Mosaic Active Learning Initiative, IU's eTexts, and Next.IU initiatives.
  • Follow @InsideUITS on Twitter and "like" UITS on Facebook to stay up-to-date with IU's tech news.

Find additional learning technologies for students and courses:

Get help and support for all your tech needs:

Tips for research faculty

UITS Research Technologies provides the tools to drive discovery at IU and beyond. They include:

  • IU's Pervasive Technology Institute
  • Centralized supercomputers and high-performance clusters for calculations, advanced simulations, and big data analysis
  • Software and analysis with high-performance computing applications Science gateways, campus bridging services, and other domain-specific tools and workflows
  • Visualization consulting and services for visualizations, 3D, and virtual reality
  • Data storage, sharing, and archiving for large and small data sets
  • Consulting and grant support to determine the best computing and data storage options