Use the Duo Mobile app

The easiest, most secure way to complete a Two-Step Login.

When you enroll your iOS or Android device for Two-Step Login, set up the Duo Mobile app. It's the most convenient, secure way to Two-Step -- it works even when you don’t have a network connectionOnce your device is enrolled, just choose “Send Me a Push” when logging in.

To set up Duo Mobile on your device as well as automatic push notifications and Remember me for 7 days, follow the outline below.

Quick setup for the Duo Mobile app

The following is an overview of the process to set up the Duo Mobile app for your device. For detailed instructions, see Manage your Two-Step Login (Duo) devices and settings and follow the steps to add a smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows).

  1. Go to Two-Step-Login (Duo). If prompted, log in with your IU username and passphrase. You will receive email notification if your login is completed successfully.
  2. Click Manage devices & settings.

     Security Center screen: Select 'Manage devices & settings'

  3. Use the Duo Control Panel to complete another two-step login.

    Security Center: Complete another two-step login

  4. In the Duo Control Panel, click Add another device.

    Security Center: Select 'Add another device'

  5. Select Mobile phone, and then continue enrolling your smartphone.

    Security Center: Select 'Mobile phone'

  6. Once your smartphone is enrolled, you may set it as your default device and have Duo automatically send this device a Duo Push.
    When completing a Two-Step Login, if you would like to check Remember me for 7 days after autopush has been enabled, simply cancel the push request, check Remember me for 7 days, and then click Send me a push.

    Security Center: Select default device and 'When I log in' option


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