Videoconferencing at IU

IU offers no-cost virtual rooms (also known as bridges) for faculty, staff, and guests to meet online—at any time, from anywhere. No reservations required. 

On December 23, UITS Collaboration Technologies will retire the “23” Video Bridge (Pexip). The retirement will affect all conferences that begin with the prefix 23- as well as and Please transition to Zoom for virtual meetings. Find out how to get started with Zoom here.

Your existing “23” conference number will not migrate to Zoom. Learn how to customize your Zoom Personal Meeting ID here.

Questions? Contact UITS Collaboration Technologies at or 812-856-2020.

Computer and smart phone with video conferencing software

Connecting via web or personal device

Got a web browser and a webcam? You’re ready to join a virtual meeting room. Recommended browser: Google Chrome*

On a personal device? Connect via Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync) or the free Pexip mobile app.

* Chrome users: If you plan to share your screen, be sure to install the Pexip Screensharing Extension for Google Chrome.

What is a "23" video bridge?

A “23” virtual meeting room (VMR) allows multiple participants to meet and collaborate with full two-way HD video and audio, screen sharing, and chat. Participants can join meetings quickly—at any time—from a web browser or Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync). Video room systems and telephones can also join "23" VMRs.

About "23" virtual meeting rooms

IU’s “23” virtual meeting room service is based on the Pexip Infinity Connect conferencing platform. Pexip specializes in “any to any” conferencing, enabling users to meet and collaborate from web browsers, Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync), traditional videoconferencing room systems, tablets, and smartphones.

Any IU faculty or staff member can create their own "23" VMR using the automated form. The form will require:

  • A unique six to nine digit conference number that begins with 23-
  • Virtual meeting room name of your choice
  • Secret Host PIN of your choice

After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email and connection instructions for meeting attendees.

Permanent and always on
Once created, your "23" virtual room is permanent and always on. This means you can call it anytime with no reservation necessary.

Hosting duties
At the chosen meeting time, you and invited attendees will call the "23" number using a web browser or personal device. You will need to input the secret Host PIN. This activates the meeting audio and video for all participants. Hosts can also:

  • See a roster of participants and icons indicating which are currently speaking (if you join via web browser)
  • Lock the conference to prevent new participants from joining unannounced
  • Mute or disconnect individual participants
  • Invite new participants

Streaming and recording
Need to deliver your message to a wider audience? “23” VMRs can also be streamed and recorded. Request an event stream »

Knowledge Base

How it works

  1. Create a unique “23” virtual meeting room number using the automated form
  2. Share your “23” virtual meeting room number with meeting attendees
  3. Connect via web browser, Skype for Business (Lync), room system, or telephone


IU Knowledge Base
Live chat (Lync): cthelp
Phone: (812) 856-2020

For more, see UITS Collaboration Technologies.