Accounts & logins

Your University account is your electronic identity at Indiana University, consisting of both an IU username and an IU passphrase. A University account is created when you create your first computing account.

In addition to your passphrase, IU requires an additional layer of security with Two-Step Login (Duo) when logging in. Like similar services offered by Google and Facebook, with Two-Step Login, you’ll confirm your login with an enrolled device.

You will use your University account and a device enrolled in Two-Step Login to log into almost all technology services at IU, including:

IU provides account services to all students, faculty, and staff.

Research systems accounts

Students, faculty, and staff are also eligible to request access to IU's research systems and services. Available research technologies are designed to catalyze research at IU and amplify the talents of university researchers. They include:

Specialized accounts

Other available accounts include Sitehosting, IU's central web server solution for core and gateway university websites. Groups, departments, and organizations can also establish their own network accounts.